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At 4th Leaf, we strive to communicate the essence of a company and create an atmosphere for businesses, employees, clients and visitors to inhabit the space’s brand message. We want both you and others to understand your company, your identity, and what you are all about. With experiential graphics, we can help you live your brand.


We want our clients’ success to exceed their intentions. We’re only as successful as our clients are, and we take that very seriously. When you partner with 4th Leaf, you’ll get our full commitment, quality communication, realistic timelines, deep passion, creativity and hard-driving work ethic.


We believe that it is impossible to deliver effective design without understanding your business, where you came from, and who your audience is. How did this dream of yours begin? Where do you plan on taking it? We want to feel your excitement! Then we’ll turn your dreams into our goals.

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Research & Planning

This is the most important part of the design process. It involves phone calls, meetings, and research so we truly understand your main business goals, who you are, what you do, etc. We will identify your position in your field, your immediate and future goals as a company and the challenges you face that make your project unique. We will set a timeline to fit within our goals and capabilities.

Exploration & Design

From here, we move to create concepts and mockups all based on the information we collected during our Research & Planning phase. These typically begin as hand sketches before translating them to computer renderings. We will work together to tweak every detail of your design from the type, line weights, colors, etc. until it is something you are proud of and want to brag about.


Once a final design is chosen, we make sure you have all the tools you need to continue use of your new artwork. We will expand the images created to work within all aspects of your company through our series of standards and templates created for your needs. Each company is different, each project is unique; it’s our goal to make certain your image carries your company’s message.

Understand & Maintain

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s important for you to know the thought that went into creating your designs, and prolonging its message for your company. We continue to provide support for your brand through our new team dynamic. We will also teach you how to use your new creative arsenal to continue your brand development on your own.

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Amy McNeil

principal & project manager

Amy began working as a designer in 2002 as a participant in the University of Cincinnati’s internationally recognized Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) and their cooperative education program. From San Francisco to New York City and finally back to the Midwest, Amy designed for numerous high profile clients and gained invaluable experience in the branding, experiential graphic design, wayfinding and signage fields. In 2007, Amy relocated from Cincinnati, Ohio to Nashville, Tennessee to work for a digital signage and branding company. Within a few years, Amy realized her entrepreneurial instincts and started 4th Leaf Design Studio, a brand strategy firm. Amy began to miss the interaction of the brand and the surrounding environments, so in 2013 she decided to redirect the services offered through 4th Leaf to fully encompass her creative history.

A brand should be experienced as much as it is perceived and seen. Amy enjoys brainstorming with the project team as much as she loves creating their systems and artwork. The core of her desire to become a designer was to create a positive impact for her clients through the development of an inclusive experience of their vision. Her projects reflect this passion for excellence with a goal to deliver an end project that surpasses her clients’ expectations.

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