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Saint Thomas recently held a “Super Reunion” for children born in the NICU. Friends were reunited, stories were shared, and hearts were warmed as the little (and big) superheroes attended the event.

You may have seen the building wrap of a small baby being held by two hands on the side of the Midstate Building.  This child, Jordyn, is seen in the video and is now happy and healthy thanks to the doctors and staff at the NICU.


On Monday, August 31, St. Thomas opened up a new, state-of-the-art Joint Replacement Institute at their Midtown location.  4th Leaf had the privilege of designing all permanent signage in the facility, as well as creating signage specifically for the grand opening event on August 27.  Take a look at the video below to see how our team helped make this event a success behind the scenes.


All design—branding, packaging, website design, etc.— starts with a goal and a comprehensive understanding of your business. Without understanding your goals, your business, your audience, and your competition, design is—at best—just something pretty to look at. From traditional to modern design, it all works toward an end goal.

Experiential graphic design is certainly not your traditional type of design. Most people do not fully understand exactly what it is. Experiential graphic design consists of developing wayfinding graphics and signage, cartography, designing architectural graphics and building identification, developing a strategy for the integration of graphics into your space, and designing a theme for an environment. Unlike designing for print or web, experiential graphics is about designing for the spaces around us—businesses, museums, healthcare spaces, retail, and entertainment venues.

At 4th Leaf, we strive to communicate the essence of a company and create an atmosphere for businesses, employees, clients and visitors to inhabit the space’s brand message. We want both you and others to understand your company, your identity, and what you are all about. With experiential graphics, we can help you live your brand.